Volt Festival 2013: Interview Thirty Seconds To Mars

Volt Festival 2013: Interview Thirty Seconds To MarsMyFestivalWorld is at this current moment live in Volt Festival , Hungary. Today we had the opportunity to have an interview with Thirty Seconds To Mars. The band is the headliner of today and will be performing at Rock Werchter next week. We asked some questions about the show tonight, their new album, videoclips and their experience with Rock Werchter.

1. Next Sunday you are playing at Rock Wechter in Belgium. Do you have other expectations about this concert (Volt Festival) and the performance tonight?

Of course every show is almost different, but still, we are looking forward to give the crowd a good time. Last time at Rock Werchter is was freaking hot, man, it must have been the hottest day in Belgium ever. It was like around midday and that crowd was going insane and sweaty.

2. In 2010 you played at Rock Werchter around 4 PM and this year your show is sheduled three hours later, but tonight you are the closing act. Do you think that Thirty Seconds To Mars by night is a better experience?

Nah, I think the performance is not dictated by time. We had like amazing shows at 10 AM and it is all about the performance and the interaction. Giving the crowd a great time is our main goal and we will always give our best, no matter if it is morning, midday, noon or night.

3. You released the song ’Witness’ as promo for your new album. Why isn’t this song on the album?

The song was just a ’hang around’, I didn’t had to do anything with the new album, not even mentioned as promo. The song was just there and we all thought it was a great melody, so we released it seperated: But in fact the song didn’t fit in the idea of Love, Lust, Faith, Dreams, it wasn’t related to any of these themes.

4. The song ’End Off All Days’ is about being tired of this world. What do you think we have to do to make this a better world? Like, what can bring back the faith in the people?

Well, it is up to the individual. If we all look inside we can find little ’big’ changes we can do for the world we are living in. If everybody is trying to do the right little things, it can result in a big change for us as people.

5. You have travelled a lot even before Thirty Seconds To Mars. As Flemish/Dutch-Belgian I speak some French, some of your songs contain French lyrics or a French song title. Is there any relationship between the band or one individual of the band and the French language?

Yea, the grandfather of Jared and Shannon was French and we all love the French culture, like in Belgium, France and the French speaking part of Canada.

6. Some of the lyrics and videoclips like ’Up In The Air’ and ’Hurricane’ are quite erotical. Is there a specific reason for this?

No, it is like, we are all human beings and sex is something perfectly normal in our live. We all need sex, we are born with the lust to have sex, it is a natural thing we do and need, and I think thats a perfect reason to have some songs and videoclips related to this theme.

7. You spend a lot of time in the videoclips and when you are not working on a new album you are almost always on tour but are there any plans about making a live DVD?

Watching a show is like an ’into the crowd experience’ but still we are looking to make a live DVD. Normally the DVD will be finished at the end of this year.

8. We only have time for one more question: the song ’Up In The Air’ from your new album is featuring some extra drummers. Will they be there tonight (Volt Festival)  or are you doing all the work?

Well, we are doing all the work, but still, we played at Volt Festival two years ago and it was a great show and even a better crowd. And tonight we are hoping for the same crowd, but our show will be better and bigger. And you definitely have to come and check it out. So, wait and see, we hope to astonish you guys at Volt.

Thanks for the interview and we will be at your show for sure.

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Written by Jeroen De Koninck