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Dour Festival 2013: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Dour Festival 2013

To open proceedings, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back with a new album, and will be coming to Dour to play their catchy garage rock, underpinned by eighties keyboards and explosive rhythms. With a savvy mix of trip-hop, twinkling jazz, and film score music, Bonobo will be making sure there's a good portion of trippy pop at the festival . Elsewhere we've already got goose pimples at the prospect of Devendra Banhart's pop tunes. And the default reference point for 'dirty reggae', The Aggrolites will be playing their explosive cocktail of ska, steady rock and reggae.

Dour Festival 2013: New bands

Continuing on with the dance side of things, we have the druid with the 'Belgian touch' The Magician, as well as Erol Alkan, back at the festival this year. He will present his project Disco 3000. And the new kid on the block at Ed Banger, Boston Bun will be offering up his alternative house, while Riton will be playing out enough distilled beats to warrant an entire new generator.

Some say that the birthplace of rap was Dour... The Marseille cousins that are Psy4 De La Rime (Alonzo, Vincenzo, Soprano et Sya Style) have lost nothing of their style and are back with 4ème dimension, paying homage to this history of hip-hop.

As for female rappers, we've got a fearless (or nearly fearless) artist in the form of Iggy Azalea, who plays with cliches and is a refreshing addition to the current roster of MCs on the scene. Of the less-fair sex, we have Odezenne, bringing their urban poetry, pop melodies, electronic beats, arrogant rhymes and searing punchlines to the table: French rap has never been better. Finally, Mykki Blanco will duly set the cat amongst the pigeons with her minimal hip-hop, a style in complete contrast to her sequined drag-queen image.

More announcements will be made in the coming weeks.

Last update on March 8 - 19.29h
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