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Dour Festival 2013: Hardcore Part II

Dour Festival 2013

With The Divinity Of Purpose, an album made for performance and for moshpits, the American group Hatebreed will bring shudders to the earth of the Plaine de la Machine à Feu. And speaking of energetic, lively hardcore, the crazy Canadians that are Comeback Kid will be here to play their brutal tracks to brutal moshers.

Dour Festival 2013: Hardcore, metal and punk

As for punk, we have the Pittsburg group Anti-Flag , who have been doing what they do best for around 20 years - street-punk, ground down with an American fist and filtered through acid! Add to that the terrifying pumped-up, primitive punk-rock of Danko Jones , and you have a line-up of dirty, testosterone-filled rock'n'roll!

On top of that Mass Hysteria will be here to celebrate their 20th anniversary with us! If you are already aware of the on-stage power of this group, you can well imagine the sort of moshpits they are going to cause.

Finally, the Scottish group Bleed From Within and their deathcore will be sure to grab the attention of the aficionados of the genre.

Stay tuned - we have some good news coming in the next few days...

Last update on Februari 27 - 23.24h
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