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Dour Festival 2013: Reggae

Dour Festival 2013

How would it be possible to celebrate the 25th Dour Festival without some of the most prominent figures in reggae? It's the defining genre of the Sunday line-up, and the stars of the genre seem to want to keep on coming back to the festival . Thanks largely to the reception they are given by our dedicated and passionate crowd, they will once more be giving us the pleasure of their appearance to celebrate this 25th edition - such as the Sicilian with Jamaica in his soul and music, Alborosie.

Dour Festival 2013: Reggae Names

After filling concert halls all over France and winning the hearts of a multitude of fans, Tryo will be presenting their latest album, Ladilafé. The DJ and Jamaican producer U-Roy will be back at Dour, taking us through a half century of his work - he's been going since 1961! A regular performer at Dour, Anthony B will also drop by to say hello. Raggasonic, stars of 90s French ragga will be back with their new album Raggasonic 3. And some new faces, Jah Mason & Dub Alkom will be giving out some positive vibes will their dancehall reggae. Elsewhere, the impressive Dub Fx will bring some of the psychadelic/dub beat boxing he has already been playing around the world.

This week, we'll have some more hardcore/metal names and some electronica announcements!

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