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Dour Festival 2013: The Vaccines

Dour Festival 2013

After a string of awesome electro, hip-hop, metal and rock confirmations, we are pleased to be able to reveal our first batch of indie names! London first, with the fantastic group The Vaccines, presenting their second album The Vaccines Come of Age. Meanwhile, the Klaxons will be back, smothering the festival with their trance-pop (with or without Keira...). Darwin Deez will also be coaxing us into our dancing shoes, bringing his fresh pop and beautiful curls along with him.

Dour Festival 2013: The Vaccines and more

BRNS - one of our favourite Belgian groups from last year - are back again, and will provide further evidence for why they have been winning the attention of critics both sides of the channel.. One of the discoveries of 2011, Gold Panda, will also be back. Petite Noir, who first came to our attention at the end of 2012, will be giving us one of their captivating live performances, a perfect blend of afro-pop and hip-hop. For a psychadelic and completely addictive show, we advise you give yourself over to the "mid-fi synth-wave, slow motion funk" (or something) of Com Truise. The Sudanese artist Sinkane will be sure to win over some new fans with his funky afro-beat show. And finally, Fauve, the Parisian collective, will be bringing their songs of a disillusioned generation to the stage, crushing the cliches of accordions and berets... Next week we will announce our first raft of reggae names as well as more hardcore/metal and more electronic music. 

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