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Dour Festival 2013: New Names

Dour Festival 2013

We can now make the announcement officially and with sincerity: Amon Tobin is coming to present his new project Two Fingers at Dour! One of the artists embedded into the history of the festival , he first came to Dour in 1998, drove Mike Patton to make a surprise appearance during his performance in the Red Frequency in 2005, and then gave us the unforgettable performance of 2007 on the Last Arena.

Dour Festival 2013: New Artists for Dour

It was also in that year at Dour that Skream made his biggest ex-UK festival appearance, well before he started Magnetic Man with Benga. For this 25th edition, we made him an offer he couldn’t refuse - an ‘all night long’, 4-hour set to play techno, disco, electro and all the other genres yet to be discovered in the Petite Maison dans la Prairie.
Dour is known for its location, its campsite atmosphere, the Balzaal tent...and therefore also its drum’n’bass. The genre has been honoured with its own tent on the Plaine de la Machine a Feu for years now, and this time around, the British scene will be honourably represented by Nu:Logic [feat. MC Wrec], as well as Drumsound & Bassline Smith and the pioneer that is Andy C.
We will have more confirmations for you in the coming days.

Dour 2013: Tickets On Last Year's Prices

4-day and 1-day tickets are on sale on our website, at the same price as the 2012 edition.

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