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Dour Festival 2013: Your Favourite Artists

Dour Festival 2013

We are letting you have your say for one month: which band do you wish to see at the next festival ? which artist should we be sure to include in our 25th event?

Dour Festival 2013: Get your artists to Dour

We invite our music fans to submit the names of the bands they would like to see on the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st of July next at La Plaine de la Machine a Feu in Dour!

Let us know via our on-line form which Belgian and which international bands you would love to have included for the 25th Festival.

We are interested in your suggestions, even if they cannot all be satisfied. They are above all a source of inspiration in our scheduling work which is extremely complex because of the number, quality and musical diversity suggested.

We have being working on the poster for several months now although it is far from completed. The first names for the 25th Dour Festival will be announced in Spring.

Last update on November 13 - 23.17h
Written by Dour Festival