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Dour Festival 2013: Indie Rock

Dour Festival 2013

We begin this announcement with the ingenious The Horrors, who will be giving cuts from their fourth album, due in September. Leading on from this, we have Two Gallants, and their 'pulk' (punk and folk, of course), breezing through the festival like the free-thinking winds of their native San Francisco. The crazy thirty-something that is Dan Deacon will play his improvised, fun electronica right in the heart of the crowd, until the distinction between stage and spectators is no more. Meanwhile The 1975 will be bringing a bit of sun, a bit of California, some warm sand and pretty girls to the Plaine de la Machine à Feu.

Dour 2013: Belgian and international new names

The Van Jets are confirmed to play their rock'n'roll/glam-rock, while Superlux will present their brand new album - music from a different planet, but no less danceable for it! The inventive, sincere Piano Club will transport the crowd with evocative, light and playful melodies, while the salacious acid pop of We Are Enfant Terrible will be, without doubt, a savage moment of the festival . With music accented with Belgian rock and the US underground, the Parisian group Exsonvaldes may well become one of those groups that attracts legions of adulating young girls. And for the more dirty girls, head for the heavy sounds and dark vibes of AmenRa.

Taking their lead from 70s music, hard-rock and Black Sabbath, Kadavar will wrap Dour in the warm arms of their psychadelia. About as far removed as is possible from the ridiculous kitsch that Swedish groups are renowned for at Eurovision, Holograms play rock that hits home, hard - the very best kind. Similarly, Le Prince Harry will deliver their synth punk and an incisive wave'n'roll. All of this is nothing compared to Pale Grey, melting in the mouth like a hard-boiled sweet - a stolen pleasure. Elsewhere the Brussels group Paon are promising a bright future - don't miss them! Recorders will also bring an intoxicating atmosphere, much as they do wherever they end up playing. For those who like their sounds a little more brutal, head for Raketkanon, who will fulfill all your needs in that department. And with schizophrenic drumming and retro vibes, Robbing Millions are a fascinating group to catch.


Hudson will deploy a subtle mix of pop and noisy rock, both evocative and sombre. Billions Of Comrades play a hyper, bouncing sort of music, while Salut c'est cool will make you move your feet. One to discover (or rediscover) is Hugo Freegow, who plays anything from 8-bit reggae to music-hall gabber - pretty much whatever improbable cocktail takes his fancy. Finally, camelion beatmaker Cupp Cave destroys every dancefloor he plays - so we are waiting with baited breath!


In just one week, we will have one more big announcement, and then the line up will be complete!
So here begins the countdown to the epic 25th edition of Dour Festival ... (82 more days!)

Last update on April 26 - 21.17h
Written by Dour Festival