Papa Roach: Interview "The Connection"

Papa Roach: InterviewPapa Roach is touring around Europe with their new album: The Connection. Myfestivalworld got the opportunity to talk with the gitarist of the band. In november the band will be back in Belgium and next week we'll meet them again at Volt Festival , Hungary for their 'new show'. We're looking forward to see their new show and this interview is a perfect teaser for every fan of Papa Roach.

You notice the band evolves during all these years . Songs on the latest album include an electronic sound. Why the decision to try something different?

We always try new things. The electronic just happens to be what this new thing is. We always try a lot of guitars. In stead of the guitars, we thought it would be cool to do the electronic to make the sounds or make a melody.

I also heard a bit of dubstep in a song?

‘Still Swinging’ is the one song that has dubstep in it. That was the idea of the producer of the song. We wanted it to be a lot more subtle when it comes to the other songs.

Did you have other influences to make this album?

No, not really. There are some electronic artists that we like. I think that on a whole the bands that we’re listening to are The Prodigy and Nine Inch Nails. There are some metal bands and some other contemporary bands we are listening to. But not really bands that we are focused on.

The whole album is full of emotion. Is their a specific message for the fans in this?

It’s very emotional, because Jakoby was going through a very hard time of his live during the making of the record. His wife seperated from him and he was dealing with trying to get sober again. So it was very diffucult. The rest of the band were trying to be there for him as much as we could. But it just didn’t change the situation. So we told him to write it down. Because that’s really the only way it could help him. So he could get over the pain he was going through. That’s why it’s so emotional. It is not something he wanted to do in the beginning. But it was something he needed to do and I think it allowed him to sort of take control back in his life. Everything is good now. He’s back with his wife and family. I guess if there is any sort of message that we want to get out there, then it is that everybody goes through hard times. It’s important to get trough it and go on with your life.

The song ‘Leader of the broken hearts’ is very deep and seems very true. What’s the story behind this song?

It comes basically from Jakoby. One day he was thinking about the fact that a lot of fans come up to us and say that our music has helped them. We know when they are having a bad time or when they are dealing with a problem, they listen to our music. Jakoby kind of put that feeling into words. He is the leader of the broken hearts. It’s about people coming together and helping each other. 

The videoclip ‘Still Swinging’ contains a lot of zombies. I was wondering if there was some kind of connection between the song and the band. Because it’s about surving and standing straight after all these years.

The song is indeed about the band and still being around. But the video with zombies is the idea of Jacoby’s son. He was very into zombies. He kept calling Jakoby and was saying: ‘Dad! You should do the video about zombies!’ So we said: ‘Ok, lets try it!’

Who are your idols? We look up to you, but to who do you look up to?

Wow, euhm, there are so many bands! Nine inch Nails, Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Faith No More, Jane’s addiction. Lots and lots of bands.

Is there one specific band who you would like to have a performance with?

I would really like to play with Faith No More. That would be really cool. 

Which single of Papa Roach has/had to be in the hitlist according to you?

I think Walking Dead would be cool.


I just have a cool vibe to it. I like it!

You guys are touring in Europe now. Do you notice a difference between the audiences in America and here?

Yes! They are much more passionate in Europe then they are in the US. Though it’s getting better in the US, because they are having more festivals like the European festivals. So they are starting to build the culture around rock, but it’s not the same as it is here.

You have the feeling that we are more enthousiastic when you come visit us ?

That and I just think that they are more passionate about music here.

“Even if I could” is a soundtrack of The Avengers made the band. Which Avenger would you like to be? Why?

That’s a good one. I haven’t had that question before! I think...I like technology a lot, so I think I would have to go for Iron Man!

Thanks for your time and i’m looking forward to your concert the 25th of november in Brussels! For those who can’t wait that long: Papa Roach is also coming to the Volt Festival in Hungary!

Last update on June 28 - 17.13h
Written by Sarah Provost