Groezrock 2019 : 80 acts confirmed!

Joining previously announced acts like JawbreakerDropkick MurphysMillencolinComeback KidCoheed and CambriaStick To Your GunsBowling For SoupNeck DeepAmenraMarky Ramone with Greg HetsonFleddy Melculy and many, many more, we have no less than 34 new GROEZROCK acts. Ready? Sure you are! Let’s get started right away. So many names, so little time.

Sziget Festival 2019: Post Malone & 20 Additions!

If you were hoping for more moshpit-action: Deez Nuts are doing a ‘Stay True’ anniversary set. LA’s hardcore pride Trash Talk will probably talk the talk as well as walk the walk. With shred-happy, D-beating CANDY, NYHC outfit KING NINE and Philadelphia’s metallic hardcore outfit Jesus Piece also bringing the heat, GROEZROCK 2019 will be so brütal, we added an umlaut (that’s what it’s called) for emphasis.

If you were hoping we’d support the local scene a little more: we booked a bunch of awesome Belgian bands. Brutus will be back to support their new album ‘Nest’. Shoegaze-sensation SLOW CRUSH will make you feel dreamy. And melodic gruff punks Rich Widows will make you feel drunk on beer and misery.

The local riffage, chugging, aggression and moshpit action will be provided by H8000 metalcore aficionados STAB, local experimental metalcore heroes Access Unlocked angry as f... D-beat blazers Raw Peace and the gloomy post-metal all-star band Hæster. Lastly, tribute/cover band NØFX will make you forget the real NOFX still exists.

Can we call The Netherlands local? Either way, we also booked local talent in the form of Tusky, the Dutch rockers who worship big riffs and even bigger choruses.

If you were hoping for some more punk rock, well … we got you covered with the finest acts one can find on this planet. Enter San Francisco punks GET DEAD and Fat Wreck Chords labelmates Bad Cop / Bad Cop. Hard touring Canadian act The Penske File is a true live sensation. And PKEW PKEW PKEW will celebrate the release of their new record ‘Optimal Lifestyles’ on a spectacular tour with the equally spectacular Spanish Love Songs. Rounding out the punk rock list is Beach Slang, who will release a highly anticipated new EP next month.

But that’s still not all. Ready for a trip around the world? * deep breath *

Welsh post-hardcore band DREAM STATE will definitely be one of the weekend’s biggest surprises. As will Aussie indie-rockers Press Club. The German quintet of The Tidal Sleep call themselves “post everything”. We just call it “awesomesauce”. Pop punks Bearings are as Canadian as Bryan Adams. LANDMVRKS will help you find out how French metalcore sounds. And we end our tour here with three more American bands: Texas metalcore act Fit For A King, singer-songwriter Koji (backed by SUCH GOLD) and bluegrass/folk threesome The Devil Makes Three.

If you were hoping we wouldn’t have anything else to say … Sorry. We have a few HUGE announcements to make!

First of all: we have a "VERY SPECIAL MAINSTAGE GUEST" on Saturday. Who knows what that means? We do! And we know it’s spectacular!

Second of all, there will be a FREE WARM-UP SHOW, hosted by De Vlessenhoeve. On stage: poppunks Fever Days, local hard-hitting hardcore act SOUNDS LIKE DECEIT, punkrockers You Nervous?, mathcore beasts BEAR and the The All-Star Weddingband.


Last update on February 13, 2019

Written by Groezrock